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Sample image showing SWOT analysis cycle

Internal and external factors in Swot Analysis in the fashion industry

Swot Analysis is a tool used by business managers to set the best strategy for the business. Swot stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. So, the four components of SWOT analysis are further divided into two; Internal and external. Conducting the SWOT Analysis in Fashion Industry can be a tough task for many businesses; however, the Epiprodux tool makes the process seamless.

Internal factors

SWOT comprises internal and external factors. The internal factors include Strengths and Weaknesses. So, these are factors that affect business from within itself. Strengths are the components that give the company an advantage over its competitors. Weaknesses are factors within the industry that make the business volatile. An example of strength is the availability of raw materials. An example of weakness is the lack of enough capital base.

External factors

These factors affect the business from the external environment; Opportunities, and threats. Opportunities are things that the management can exploit to give the company a better position in the market. Threats are external variables that can affect the business negatively. So anything that can reduce the popularity of your brand is a weakness. The management must craft strategies that convert weaknesses into strengths.

When used well, the SWOT analysis helps managers adopt the best decisions for attaining business goals and objectives. 

Technology is a dynamic phenomenon and as it keeps changing, so is the Fashion business. The consumer’s needs keep changing, and the marketing team must be conscious of the change. Manufacturing firms must thoroughly study the markets to match any upcoming trends. This is where a Swot Analysis of the fashion business comes in handy.

Let’s closely analyze the emerging technologies that affect the style and fashion business.

Innovation can have a significant impact on the business. Customers will always prefer a new brand that comes with innovative features. So, a good swot reveals innovations that may affect the business and guides management decisions. The marketing manager must remain keen to ensure that the business stays up-to-date with new market trends.

Importance of innovation in the fashion industry

Customer services

The use of AI improves customer service and brings convenience. Consumers can receive messages instantly whenever a new brand is on the market. Also, the suppliers can quickly get customer feedback on the areas that require improvement.

Inventory management

Businesses can use AI to predict customer demands and ensure that the stock is always at optimal levels.

Design and Development

 Designers can use AI to improve the creation of new clothing apparel to enhance customer experience. Technological improvements boost the brand’s strengths and help reach more new customers.

Quality control

AI boosts creativity, helps detect defects in the fashion industry, and creates better quality to meet emerging customer demands.

Market segmentation

AI distinguishes different customer needs and helps produce personalized products to meet other customer demands differently. For example, designers can create sports shoes, all-weather boots, warm winter coats, etc. A good swot should enable the management to identify the best market segment to invest in.

By adopting AI in the fashion industry, developing countries can change the fashion business and improve the customer experience. By adopting and leveraging these innovations, fashion brand retailers and manufacturers can improve their operations, enhance the customer experience, and position themselves for success in the rapidly changing fashion world.

Companies need to stay up to date with the upcoming technologies to stay ahead in the market. It’s essential to identify the advantages and disadvantages before adopting the technology.

Exploiting the Emerging technologies in the fashion industry

Automation keeps changing from time to time. As such, Established brands must keep in line with this change to remain in the competition. Innovation can impact the growth of new brands in the fashion industry. Let us look at the potential innovative trends that can affect the clothing industry.

  • Location-based marketing: Technologies like Geofencing can help target customers living within a specific geographical framework. This can help send relevant messages to consumers residing within a particular area near the supply stores within an exact location.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Marketing managers can use AI to learn customer behavior and make better decisions to help serve customers.
  • Social Platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook can help reach more customers looking for a fashion brand. Retailers can promote new brands by partnering with social media influencers without spending much money.
  • Interactive experiences: Business people can use technologies that provide interactive market experiences to create engagement about fashion brands with customers.

Identifying Opportunities in the fashion Industry

Swot analysis helps retailers identify the market entry points and take advantage. However, this can only be possible after evaluating the business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Let us go through some entry points.

Expansion into New Markets:

The fashion industry is growing every day, and new trends emerge every new day. Expansion may include developing new brands, opening new branches, or introducing new accessories to reach more clients.

Investing in Digital platforms:

Companies can use channels such as social media apps to reach the target market and bring awareness about the products.

New Products development:

This may include the production of new clothes, footwear, and beauty products, among other items. This helps to reach more clients and increase the sales volume.

Mergers and Partnerships

A business can collaborate with other businesses to cut costs and improve production. For example, a company can consider partnering with other businesses to reduce courses associated with raw materials, equipment, and distribution, among others. This allows a better customer experience and boosts sales.

Respond to customer demands

Customer tastes and preferences keep changing over time. The environment equally keeps changing. The company should also change its strategies to remain ahead of its competitors.

Businesses in the fashion industry can exploit the opportunities to position themselves in a better place in the market and boost their sales. It’s equally important for companies to analyze the potential risks that can affect business growth.

Swot analysis plays a significant role in the fashion industry. When creating a new brand, the company must do an analysis to determine the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities surrounding the business. This helps in making decisions that boost quality control and cost reduction. Any successful business in the fashion industry must keep up with the current trends to remain relevant.


Gucci Swot analysis

Gucci Swot analysis made with Epiprodux tool

Nike Swot analysis

Nike Swot Analysis image made with Epiprodux

Prada Swot analysis

Prada SWOT Analysis made with Epiprodux

Adidas Swot Analysis

Adidas Swot analysis with Epiprodux

Puma Swot Analysis

Puma swot analysis


Innovation has enormously changed the business trends in Europe and other parts of the world. Every fashion business is struggling for name recognition. Adopting new trends has changed a lot of things, including the extraction of raw materials, new production strategies, automated distribution methods, and new lifestyle trends, among others. Therefore, a swot analysis can help develop designs that can boost business in fashion. Use the Epiprodux tool to improve product profitability in your fashion business.

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