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EpiProdux helps to understand what customers need & grow products' revenue profitably.

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Product Management with EpiProdux

Manage your products with the help of the digital business consulting

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Product Lifecycle Management

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Sales Growth

8 x


US go-to-market

4 x faster


Profit Growth

2 x

Profitable Product Roadmaps

High performing teams confidently increase product revenue profitably.
EpiProdux Roadmap Software helps you decide what to do next.

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The Product Roadmap Benefits

  • Developers know what features they are accountable for and when.
  • Sales can close more deals as they can confidently delight customers with the products customers truly desire.
  • A marketer can communicate unique product benefits in a target market segment.
  • All without asking the already overburdened product manager
Product Roadmap Benefits

The 4 Whys Product Managers Ask

EpiProdux makes prioritisation of work tasks easy & accumulates your product management ideas.

Product Manager & Product Features

Why are we Selling a Product A with certain Feature X instead of Product B with Feature Y?

Sales & Target Customer

Why are we Targeting Customer Segment C with a Product A instead of Customer Segment D with Product B?

Product Manager & Market Segment

Why are we Targeting Market Segment M with a Product A instead of Product B with Value-Benefit Y?

Marketer & Campaigns

Why are we increasing our Product A Revenue with a Campaign B instead of Campaign C with greater profit?