Use of Plants in Retail Store Environment

Indoor plants in a retail store

There is an excellent correlation between the appearance of the retail space and customer relations. Consumer experience goes a long way to maintaining brand loyalty. Houseplants have much to add to the retail space apart from their beauty. With the increasing call for better customer relations, retailers are now beginning to realize the importance of using indoor plants in retail stores. The use of houseplants gives consumers a feeling of relaxation. Adding greenery to the retail settings reflects the vision and brand values. Various plants can fit indoors based on their appealing look and fresh smell. Let’s see some great examples in our list.

The 12 Best Houseplants for Your Retail Space

  1. Ferns

If you are looking for a plant that you can place on top of your reception shelves, choose ferns. Look for species like birds nest fern or Boston fern. This plant has a cute look that cascades down to create an adorable appearance for visitors. They are favorable for indoor conditions and don’t require frequent watering or pruning. You can use these plants in your office to create a welcoming feeling for your clients and address their needs adequately.

2. Peace Lily

Just as the name suggests, peace lily gives a very calm appearance to your retail space. Its white blossom last for some time giving your office the glamor it deserves. They grow organically and don’t need much care; just plucking the dead flowers to keep the fresh ones glowing. This flower gives your retail store a welcoming look and makes the retail environment cute for the clients. So, people love this appearance and feel very comfortable in your office. This glamour creates a calm atmosphere and gives the mind a quiet experience. Retailers can add these species to their shops to give the best experience to the shoppers.

3. Aloe Vera

I know you have met some plantations of aloe Vera in offices or some hotels. There are various types of aloe Vera, some big and some very tiny. You can keep them in a small pot and place them on the floor. The Aloe vera requires no attention; only some soil in a pot, some sand, and some watering. That’s it

Aloe vera has many benefits and is very easy to keep; it doesn’t require fertilizer or pesticide. The aloe vera leaves cure wounds, burns, and injuries and purify the atmosphere. However, cutting dead leaves is essential to keep the plant glowing.

4. Pothos

Pothos grow very well indoors. You can place them on some hanging holders and leave them to cascade down the wall or grill to give the place a glamorous look. Pothos are known for removing pollutants from the air. The presence of houseplants in the retail environment positively impacts the customer experience and their overall purchase decisions. Pothos can grow in harsh conditions and are known for their prowess in freshening the surroundings.

5. The African Violet.

African violets produce some lovely glow, just like the peace lilies. The combination of dark green leaves and violet flowers gives the place an elegant look. Of course, customers want to associate themselves with a cute site. Your clients can even take photos of your site and share the moments with their friends, which goes a long way in marketing your retail store and helping sell your products.

If the word cute is anything to go by, this plant needs to be in your package. Having the African violet in your retail environment boosts the customer experience and makes your clients want to stay longer. Retailers should consider creating a good atmosphere that keeps the clients coming regularly.

6. Phalaenopsis

If you are a lover of orchids, this one performs very well indoors. Their sprouting appearance makes the place look very appealing.

7. Lavender

Lavender is very cute to the eyes and produces a delightful smell. The pleasant smell brings a sensational feeling that decreases anxiety. It is also known for its antiseptic nature. When overwhelmed by office chores, inhaling the lavender scent relaxes the mind and helps you calm down. The presence of Lavender in the retail environment brings life to reality a boosts customer experience.

  1. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are known to be among the best plants for air purification. They eliminate common pollutants such as ammonia. You must keep changing the flowers from time to time as they only bloom for six weeks. But you need to add fertilizer to keep the plant flourishing and boost flowering. These herbs need to have flowers to condition the atmosphere. Keep generating fresh air in your retail store, and the customers will always keep coming for a rejuvenation of the mind. More visitors translate to more sales and, thus, more profitability. You can add some fertilizer once per month to keep the plant glowing.

  1. Snake plant

Snake plants are easy to keep and require little attention if any. They are unique due to their ability to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, purifying the environment from pollutants. Adding a few snake plants to the retail space helps clean the surrounding environment giving your clients a sense of relaxation and bringing peace of mind.

Snake plants are easy to keep irrespective of your retail space size, and no matter where they are placed, they will still produce fresh air. A relaxed client will likely find it easy to make purchasing decisions.

  1. Spider plants

Also known as the air plant, the spider plant is very cute in hanging baskets. Sometimes the plant produces white flowers giving your retail shop a lovely look. More than 200 species of spider plants can grow with little attention. However, be sure the plant is hung safely to avoid falling on people.

  1. Dracaenas

Houseplants with a mixture of colors soothe the mind and bring the senses to reality. Dracaenas have different shapes and colors. You can choose from various dracaenas with more fancy colors and markings, bringing the world into reality and swaying the mind away from stressful thoughts. But don’t allow your pets to eat dracaenas, as they harm pets.

  1. Bamboo palms

Bamboo palms are preferred by many due to their elegance and height. Although they require a lot of lighting, they can be harmed by direct sunlight. The bamboo palm releases moisture into the environment, keeping you cool in dry winter. They are also known to eliminate carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the atmosphere.

Various advantages come with using houseplants in retail space. The natural benefits include freshening the environment, reducing anxiety, and making the space beautiful. Houseplants give a natural look to any room, shop, or office. People associate houseplants with décor, but it is more than that. The health advantages are unmatched. This article provides a complete guide on using houseplants in your office and the advantages involved.

Advantages of using plants in your retail environments

Blooming plantations on the shop wall

Brings happy moods

Apart from making the environment brighter, houseplants bring the mind to rest by creating a sensational feeling. Livening up the shopping centre with beautiful plantations provides a conducive environment for the purchaser. When the shoppers’ mind is relaxed, they tend to make the best purchase decisions.

Retailers can boost the outlook of their stores with flourishing colors and make it better for retail activity. A nice appearance of the shop creates a positive impact that triggers the customer to make the right purchase decision.

Boosts Aeration

We all know that plants produce the oxygen we breathe. Therefore, having them in your office is the same as having cans of oxygen pumping up your room. This has direct health gains for you and your consumers. The clean air makes your visitors want to stay longer, providing them with a good opportunity to interact with your products. This creates a positive consumer experience and boosts sales.

Plants relief allergies

Green grass inside a supermarket: Epiprodux

Plants are known to release oxygen and absorb pollutants. Research has shown that rooms with houseplants have less dust than those without. They also act as natural air filters and catch airborne particles and allergy triggers. Plants like Chinese evergreen are known to be the best in air conditioning. However, this may be different with flowering plants that release pollen grains.

BOOSTS emotional health 


Funny plants in a supermarket to boost customers emotions

Plants can be used to treat anxiety and depression. Therefore, having a few in the display area can help calm the customers’ emotions, reduce stress, and improve their attention. When the shoppers’ attention is captured, understanding their needs is easy.

Keeping pests away

Some herbs release chemicals that repel insects and other pests. For example, retailers may keep lavender to repel mosquitoes and other insects from their offices. Lavenders release a pleasant smell to humans, but insects do not like the same scent.

Provides Cleaner air 


Green plants in a clothes store. Epiprodux

Herbs like pothos, aloe Vera, and Lily are known to have traits that remove pollutants from the atmosphere. Therefore, adding them to your business space will work for your health and your clients’. Minding the welfare of the buyers goes a long way to enhance their experience and brand loyalty.

More Benefits that come with indoor plants

Many people love keeping plants in their offices and retail spaces. The blossom and glow that comes with a live plant in the houses make the place look natural. But apart from the beauty, is there anything more to enjoy? Let us find out.

Indoor plants help reduce stress levels.

Vegetables planted in a grocery store

According to a journal of Physiological Anthropology, indoor plants bring comfort and soothe the human mind. Seeing the plant and smelling the fresh smell improves moods. Most people working many hours in offices prefer having plants surrounding them. Why? In a study carried out during the Covid 19 Pandemic, patients with plants in their living rooms had fewer anxiety symptoms than those without. Houseplants bring a sensational feeling of soothing the mind, taking it away from the shop walls to the real world.

Natural plants increase the levels of attention.

Natural plants that capture the customers attention

Have you ever wondered why many people spend a lot of money in nature parks? Sometimes you even wonder if the effort is worth it. New research from the Journal of Environmental Psychology shows that adding plants in your indoor setting helps boost concentration levels. If you ever take a nature walk in the park, you will realize how your attention shifts from one plant to the other. The same can be brought to a retail setting. Plants can take the customers’ minds away from their daily hassles, giving them a relaxing moment and giving the brain time to rejuvenate itself.

Plants can bring therapeutic advantages.


A chocolate store decorated with plants

Plants can be suitable for anyone experiencing mental imbalances. Research shows that people with anxiety and depression reap many advantages by staying within an environment surrounded by plants. Research conducted by Michigan university reveals that working in an environment with plantations stimulates the mind and boosts mental cognition and performance.

Another report in Kristjánsson’s study has shown that human beings have a natural desire to spend time in natural environments and that this boosts their mental health. Placing two or more plants on your workspace is enough to stimulate customers to influence their environmental perceptions and purchase behavior. Customers will often visit places with indoor plants and hence make more purchases.

Plants boost the process of recovery.


Green plants in a boutique

A mere look at flowers or plants speeds up the recovery process. Rarely will you find a hospital without plantations? Besides giving patients a clean atmosphere, Houseplants take their minds away from the sick feeling to the natural life, speeding up their recovery process. Try this; carrying a bouquet when visiting a person in a hospital has a magical effect. Most recovery rooms have plants or an optimistic view of nature to help customers speed up the recovery process after the surgery. Similarly, placing some herbs in the office or retail space can significantly reduce customers’ anxiety and heal their senses.

Increased productivity


Green plants on the shop floor. Epirodux

Placing some greeneries around the workplace may boost productivity; Plants clean the air, provide an oasis and give a positive mood. This translates directly to the productivity level of the workers. Workers surrounded by plantations feel healthier and are more productive on the job. A warm atmosphere in the retail space directs foot traffic and boosts sales. Retailers should create a warm atmosphere that reflects the quality of their services.

Clean air quality

Plants are naturally known to provide oxygen; with more than 70% of Americans spending their lives indoors, it’s essential to ensure that the air is spotless to reduce any health hazards. Building technology has brought a lot of pollutants due to the building materials used. So, adding plants to your indoor setting can significantly impact the air. Indoor plants such as rubber trees, Boston fern, ficus trees, and many others help repel pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde.

Important health considerations before you keep indoor plants

Having houseplants in retail environments come with so many advantages. However, the exercise is not devoid of risks, so it’s essential to do it carefully. Some houseplants may have negative health impacts on humans and pets. It’s always necessary to keep this in mind.

Pest infestations

Some indoor herbs may become a breeding space for insects like mosquitoes, and molds, among others. Always check your plant leaves to see any signs of pests. Remember, not all greeneries will make your shoppers happy. Poor-quality plants will likely scare away visitors. Always dispose of damaged leaves from the containers properly to keep the place clean.


Incorporate plants in your office deco and promote quick recovery to the consumers in many ways. Coloring your workplace with a glowing green life is an easy way to make your staff and visitors happy. Most Succulents are easy to maintain and don’t require much attention. Successful use of various herbs in your store environment boosts customer behavior. Retailers can use the Epiprodux tool to make the right decisions on the best plant to use in the retail setting and boost the customer experience.


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