The Top 5 Questions in eCommerce Marketing 2022

  • What marketing campaigns do I need to run?
  • How to run the campaigns profitably?
  • How to get revenue from email marketing?
  • How to get revenue from advertising?
  • How to keep customers with loyalty campaigns?
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eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Manage each marketing campaign profitably.
Get campaign ideas from EpiProdux to increase products revenue.

Marketing Strategy

eCommerce Campaign Strategy with Minutes:

  • Campaigns aligned to products & business
  • Everyone informed about the target

Marketing Strategy with EpiProdux:

  • Analyze your competitor
  • Target the right customers
  • Win the market position with the right product
Campaign Strategy

Estimate Your Campaign Profit (ROI ROAS) with Minutes:

  • Use campaign idea templates marketers love
  • Easily estimate all results with conversions
  • Calculate your campaign profit
  • Achieve 900% ROI or ROAS 9
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Campaign Profit Estimation

Product Lifecycle Management

Success stories of our customers using the business software of EpiProdux


Sales Growth

8 x


US go-to-market

4 x faster


Profit Growth

2 x
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